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We offer a wide range of services

Routine Servicing & Maintenance
Completed by our fully qualified and insured team of engineers.

Annual O&M options available
We offer fixed term operation and maintenance agreements as well as ‘pay as you go’ options.

Call out Repairs
With priority given to turbines ‘on stop’ we can complete all aspects of electrical and mechanical repairs. Our work ranges from replacement of electrical contactors to blade and complete nacelle replacements.

Turbine Reconditioning
Full and partial turbine reconditioning options are available at our fully equipped workshop based in Pembrokeshire.

Online Monitoring
Whilst we work with all remote monitoring software, we have developed our own! – get in touch for further information.

Forensic Engineering – NDT
Using our in-house Ultrasonic, MPI and Dye Penetrant testing methods, our fully trained and experienced engineers can identify and monitor structural defects and stress points. We also work closely with nationally recognised NDT professionals and oil analysis laboratories to test and monitor wear and contamination levels of gearbox and hydraulic oils.

Rope Access
Used for tower and blade inspection by our fully trained and insured engineers for inspection, repair and cleaning as required.

Generator Reconditioning and Alignment
To alleviate noise, bearing wear and potential shaft failure, we can replace, repair and align gearboxes as necessary.